Clambda Jobs

Clambda jobs shows the various status as part of a file upload or user task. A Sample log view as displayed below (Fig1). Shown below is the explanation against relevant column.

  1. Job ID - Unique ID of the job. Each process of a job runs within its own container and a unique ID is assigned.

  2. Dataset - It displays any dataset being part of the job for example uploading dictionaries. An example is as shown below

3. Category - It displays if the job is part of User Task or Connector.

4. Implementation - This field gets updated with file name

5. Job Type - Type of Job, like it is a user task or connector, etc

6. Reason Code - Tells the process is successful or failure depending on reason code

7. Reason Status - Informs the status of the job

8. Task - Type of task the job is executing for example, verifying credentials, Fetching Meta data, Feting content, etc.

9. Profile - It tells the size of clambda container.

10. Start Time - Time the task of a job started.

11. End Time - Time the task of a job ended.

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