Find Your IT Blind Spots and Accelerate AIOps Adoption

cfxGenie is a free to use self-service application from CloudFabrix to help IT teams to quickly identify the problems areas to focus on.

It provides insights on solutions to prioritise and potential savings that can be achieved and helps to build business case for AIOps adoption using real cost data.

It uses historical incident/ticket data to perform these analysis.

The following diagram displays the flow of cfxGenie.


How It Works?

The following procedure explains the high level process flow. The steps involved are

  1. Sign-up for cfxGenie at https://cfxgenie.cloudfabrix.io/start.

  2. Ingest historical incident data (up to 40,000 rows of data) using any of the following options.

    1. ServiceNow Account (need ServiceNow credentials)

    2. CSV / Excel file having incident data (Most ITSM's allow data export in csv format)

    3. Just play with canned data (sample data) provided with each of the account.

  3. Provide typical cost inputs for handling incidents / tickets, e.g., number of NOC/SOC engineers, staff cost / hour for level1, level2, etc.

  4. Visualize the analysis / insights for the following areas:

    1. Incident Quadrant Analysis - Analyze historical data and map them into quadrants to easily identify pressing issues and its primary contributor.

    2. Incident Clusters- Grouping of Similar Incidents/Issues using advanced ML/AI technologies like NLP, multivariable clustering algorithms, etc.

    3. Potential Saving Opportunities.

The following screen displays sample analysis (Zone-wise Summary)

cfxGenie - Zone Summary

The following screen shows sample cluster analysis done on incidents.

cfxGenie - Cluster Analysis Summary