How To Navigate Around Incident Jobs?

How to navigate around Incident analysis

There are two navigations available from left side menu - a) Analysis and b) File Browser


Analysis tab displays existing incidents for a datasource imported and analysed. We can navigate to a job either by clicking on Job Name or choosing hamburger Menu against the job.

Analysis Jobs - Summary

If you navigate on hamburger menu of a job, there are four options available -

i) View Reports - To view the created reports

ii) Update Cluster Names - To give a name to cluster / changing cluster name

iii) Edit and Resubmit - to edit existing datasource job and re-running the cluster analysis.

iv) Delete - to delete existing datasource job.

Data Source Job Options

The following

1. View Reports:

By selecting View Reports or by directly clicking on job name, the user is navigated to visual reports for incidents analysis as shown.

There are two sections -

Incident Quadrants, which displays the incidents analysis using Zoning. Zoning is clustering of incidents and dividing into 4 Zones as depicted below. The zones helps the user to find the incidents that requires attention and also gives recommended CloudFabrix products.

Incident Zoning

Incident Analysis, provides detailed analysis by Cluster, Configuration Item, by category of equipment etc. A Sample screen is as shown below

Incident Analysis

All of above reports provide detailed drill-down, filtering capabilities.

2. Update Cluster Names

The cluster names are automatically generated using AI/ML, reading from the various fields provided during the incident / tickets ingested from different data sources.

The cluster name can be updated to have significant names, names that make sense to your operations teams.

Steps to update the cluster names.

  1. Select the ticket analysis that you would like to edit and click on “...”

2. Select “Update Cluster Name”

3. Rename cluster name that will resonate with your operations / NOC teams

Click 'Save' to save the chosen cluster name.

3. Edit & Resubmit

If you would like to change some of the ticketing analysis such as:

  • Acceptable MTTR

  • Mapping of the mandatory attributes such as ticket creation, closure date/time

  • Refine the incident clustering; currently, the more inputs or fields provided to the analysis the more granular (or more incident clusters are auto-generated).

Start with short description if available and see the results; resubmit with more fields for cfxGenie to parse.

Steps to resubmit for Analysis with updated parameters/fields.

  1. Select the ticket analysis that you would like to edit and click on “...”

2. Select “Edit and Resubmit”

4. Delete

As name suggests selecting this would delete the created job.