How To Ingest Incidents From ServiceNow

How to import ServiceNow tickets to cfxGenie

Step 1: Ingesting Tickets / Incident information from ServiceNow. You need ServiceNow account url, username and password before progressing further.

From cfxGenie home page, Click on '+' sign as shown below.


Data Source - Ingesting Incidents from ServiceNow

Step 2: Job Overview:

Job Overview provides help documentation for cfxGenie. No User action is required on this page. Click 'Next'.

Step 3: Job Details:

You will be taken to Job Properties View as shown.

ServiceNow as Data Source

Select ServiceNow and enter all the details. Enter your ServiceNow url, username and password to make connection to ServiceNow and retrieve incident / ticketing information. A sample entry as shown.

Job Details - Sample Entries for ServiceNow

Click 'Next'.

Step 4: User Inputs:

All fields are automatically mapped for ServiceNow. Unless you would like to change a field mapping, you can cross check the entries and move on to the next step. Currently mapped user inputs screen is as shown.

Mapped User Inputs

Step 5: Clustering Inputs

The Clustering Inputs are automatically populated for ServiceNow. These are used for ML/AI clustering algorithm. If you would like to change any of the mappings or if for whatever reason the values are not mapped, you can update on this screen. The following image shows currently mapped values. Click 'Next' to navigate to Cost Inputs screen.

Clustering Inputs

Step 6: Cost Inputs:

CloudFabrix provides industry standard L1, L2, L3 values as cost inputs. However, as each organization L1, L2, L3 values per hour are different, please update them on this screen matching your organization values. These values are important for cost/saving calculations.

The following image shows the default values.

Cost Inputs

Click 'Finish' to complete the Job creation process.

Step 7: Finish:

Once the job creation is completed, it takes few minutes to ingest the data, apply clustering algorithm and create necessary visual dashboards.

The status while the process going through shows as 'Processing' as shown below.

Job Status - 'Processing'

The view refreshes automatically and once the status is moved to 'Completed', you can navigate to perform other actions or visualizing the data analysis.

Job Status - 'Completed'