Getting Started

Step by Step Instructions on how to get started with cfxGenie

Step 1: Registration

1. Access the cfxGenie registration link to register trial workspace. A Workspace allows you to access various CloudFabrix apps you are provisioned and cfxGenie is default app you will see once you register and login.

cfxGenie - Register / Login Page

Click 'Create New Workspace and Register'. This takes to new Registration Page.

Step 2: Create New Workspace

2a. Enter workspace name.


a) Workspace name is a unique name across CloudFabrix SaaS platform. Hence, if it is already registered either for cfxGenie app or another CloudFabrix provided product apps, then a warning will be shown. In case of error with 'name already exists', chose different workspace name to continue new workspace name registration.

b) Once workspace is created, you cannot change the name.

cfxGenie - Register New Workspace

2b. Click on 'Go to Registration' takes you the registration page as shown. Enter the details. Please note that once you registered with your email, it does not allow to register to use same email again.

cfxGenie - New Workspace Registration Details

2c. Once all details are entered as shown above, click on 'Register'. You will be navigated to confirmation page as shown. An email will be sent to validate the identity.

Registration Successful Page

Step 3: Confirm Email

3a. A verification email will be sent and you need to confirm the email as shown. Access your email.

cfxGenie - Registration Email Confirmation

3b) Once you click on 'Confirm Your Email', it confirms your request and requests to enter new password for workspace.

cfxGenie - Enter New Password

3c) Once password is changed, you can login to the workspace.

An email will be sent confirming your workspace url, a sample email is as shown below.

cfxGenie - Workspace Confirmation

Step 4: Login

4a. Click on Access Your Workspace or access the workspace URL. A sample login screen is as shown

cfxGenie Login Screen

4b. After successful credentials, you are navigated to workspace home page as shown.

cfxGenie Home Page

The User is taken to home screen as shown below.

cfxGenie Home Screen